i am curantly working on creating a small animatoin it will be my first one! heres a preview^^


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as well as my other acounts on several other websites i also now have a face book acount.


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Twitter, tweet tweet

as well as my deviantart acount i also have just reacently created a twitter acount where i will well you know twitterXDD so if you want the play by play of what i’m working on and how its going i will be using twitter as my method of getting this informatoin out.!/gaManKa

for realated articles



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Deviant Art

as i stated in my last Blog i am a manga ka or manga artist. i have created mulrible works over the years using grafic media. i have uploaded meny of these pictures to the following site :

heres some of my reacent work.

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gaManKa the manga ka

manga kasĀ tha creators of japanese comics also known as manga. many manga kas will have their own unique pen name or handle that they have created for themselves. after much debate i setled on gaManKa as my own personal pen name. i will use it for when i hopefully publish my first manga or art book. i also created a symbll for myslef that will be on my artwork as well. (see picture above)

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